ATF tests are overwritten after clone



ATF tests and steps will be overwritten on the target instance after a clone.  Only the ATF test results will be preserved after a clone.

Here are the ATF result tables that will be preserved during clone:






The ATF test and step tables are NOT preserved:




This is the intended behavior.  ATF test and steps are not meant to be preserved.  If you want to preserver the ATF tests, you will need to move the tests via update set into the source instance before cloning.  This way the tests will clone down to the target instance (the results will already be there since they are the only records preserved).


Additional Information

ATF tests (sys_atf_test) and steps (sys_atf_step) are not meant to be used in the clone exclude or clone preserver modules.  Trying to preserve the tests and steps via the clone exclude or preserver modules can cause unexpected behavior or issues with the tests.


For additional help on moving ATF tests via update set, please visit the following doc link: