CMP - Static IP Solution in Azure



Cloud  Management Platform, Cloud providers like AWS and Azure by default support Dynamic IP assignment, hence CMP is designed in OOB support to pass the parameters at ResourceBlock level for DHCP by default.

This article will demonstrate how to pass static IP parameters from Blueprint/ResourceBlock to have the VM provisioned at Azure console with Static IP.

Applicable Versions 

  • Kingston P* & London P* 


  • Instance with CMPv2 plugin activated
  • Configured Azure Service Principal and successfully discovered Azure Subscriptions


Modify AzureDatacenter Resource Block.

  • Log into the instance
  • Impersonate with User having privileges to Modify ResourceBlcok  
  • Navigate >> Cloud Management >> Cloud Admin Portal 
  • Cloud Admin Portal >> Design >> Resource Blocks 
  • Resource Blocks >> Azure Datacenter (By default this ResourceBlock will be in published state, unpublish to continue editing)
  • Azure Datacenter ResourceBlock >> Click on Operations >> Input Parameters >> Choose the Interface as "Compute Interface" & Operation as "ConnectAndCreateVirtualMachine" 


  • Click on Steps (Besides Input Parameters) 
  • Observe 3 Steps and choose "Network Interface.CreateNetworkInterface" >> Input


  • Observe the Parameter for "PrivateIPAddress"
  • Change the value for "PrivateIPAddress" Parameter  from ${parameter.PrivateIPAdress}  to ${parameter.IPAdress}
  • Save the above changes and publish the ResourceBlock.


Create a Blueprint with Azure Datacenter.

  • Log into the instance.
  • Impersonate with User having privileges to Create a Blueprint
  • Navigate >> Cloud Management >> Cloud Admin Portal >> Design >> Blueprints >> 
  • Create a New Blueprint >> Provide the Resources Azure Datacenter and Virtual Server 
  • Once provided the Resources >> Operations >> Provision >> Click on Virtual Server
  • The right side panel will show the input parameters for Virtual Server >> Select the IP Address


  • Save the input Parameters and Publish the Blueprint to Catalog


Launch the Stack in Cloud User Portal.

  • Log into the instance.
  • Impersonate with User having privileges to launch a Stack
  • Navigate >> Cloud Management >> Cloud User Portal 
  • Launch a Stack >> Choose the newly created Blueprint 
  • Fill the details in the General info Tab (Make sure to use the correct Resource Pool Name) 
  • Fill the details in the Provision Tab and provide the Static IP Address in the IPAddress field. (Make sure to use the correct Subnet and Network) 


Additional information

  • The Script include involved to pass the Network configuration for Azure is "AzureNetworkNIC".