How to add query criteria to an snReferencePicker element in Service Portal



Service Portal widgets can use snRecordPicker and snReferencePicker directives in order to render a dropdown box with autocomplete functionality. Administrators may want to add criteria to GlideRecord queries performed by these tools in order to search for a more specific set of records.the element.


Below find an example of the HTML template and Client Controller of a properly defined snReferencePicker directive when used in a widget to search for records from the sys_user table against the name field.

HTML Template
  sn-options="{placeholder:'Search for a user:'}"
  sn-on-change="valueSelected()" />


Client Controller
function ($scope) {
  $scope.table = "sys_user";
  $scope.field = {};
  $scope.descriptor= {
    reference: $scope.table,
    attributes: '',
    name: '',
    searchField: 'name',
    qualifier: 'nameLIKEAdmin'

  $scope.valueSelected = function() {


Applicable Versions


Additional Information

The information in this article is based on undocumented code as of London. As such it is subject to change and may not reflect functionality in other versions. When upgrading please review the behavior of any customizations made to widgets to ensure desired behavior is consistent from version to version.

For instructions on how to use snRecordPicker see KB0724551