"sysparm_item_guid" does not work for Service Portal. Use g_form.getUniqueValue() instead.



Usage of sysparm_item_guid in the client scripts for getting the sys_id of the current catalog item works perfectly fine in Platform UI. However, the same script fails to retrieve sys_id in service portal.


The reason the same client script doesn't fetch the sys_id of the current item in service portal is because there will not be any element by name sysparm_item_guid in Service Portal DOM/UI.


The client script looks for a parameter "sysparm_item_guid".
This parameter will not be available in Service Portal. You need to use the 'sys_id' of the catalog item instead.

If the requirement to get the catalog item sys_id in service portal, you can use of the following API instead of sysparm_item_guid:

To know more about the usage of this GlideForm API, please refer to the below product documentation.