Favorites do not correctly save with filter conditions when the Favorite is created after the condition filters are saved.


This is a defect that happens under a very specific circumstance, whereby favorites created to point to a table list will save without the condition filters if those filter conditions were just saved.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open list view for the incident table
2. Show the filter, add a filter condition such as Priority is "1 - Critical"
3. Hit "Run".
4. Show the filter again, then hit "Save". Save with any name.
5. Click on the context menu, then select "Create Favourite". Save with any name.
6. Select the new entry in the "Favourites" menu.

Expected Behaviour:
The list should load with the filter condition Priority is "1 - Critical"

Actual Result:
The list is loaded but there are no conditions

Note: If you repeat the above without step 4, you will notice that the favorite is created correctly with the filter condition.


Avoid creating the favorite directly after saving the filter conditions

Related Problem: PRB1322311