How to create Compute Security Group Templates and Template Rules



How to create a Compute Security Group Template in order to create a successful Compute Security Group.


Create Compute Security Group Template

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click New, the Template form will appear

  3. Fill in the details and submit.
    • Object ID: Any random numeric value
    • Name: Your preferred name
  4. Once submitted it will create a Compute Security Group Template, but, every template should be associated with 1 or more template rules.

Note: Configuring this rule is very important, every rule contains its own network method either Public or Private, Based on the rules the Compute Security Group would provision the VMs with subnets and security.

Example: A blueprint contains a VM with Application and another VM with Database and the requirement is to have Application VM network should be Public and Database VM should be Private, to achieve this configuration,
it needs a Compute Security Group Templates with rule Private and another with rule Public, so post provisioning the Catalog with the required configuration it would create Subnets according to the rules associated.

Create a Compute Security Group Rule for the Template

  1. Navigate to
  2. Once the page is opened, Click New

  3. Fill in the details and Submit:
    • CIDR Range: Available range (example:
    • IP Protocol: Choose according to requirement (TCP/UDP/ICMP)
    • From Port: Choose port according to the Application or requirement (eg: 443)
    • Is Outbound: 0
    • Name: Your preferred name
    • Network Type: Choose according to requirement (Public/Private)
    • To Port: Needs to be the same as in the Port field (eg: 443)
    • CSG Template: Assign an available required CSG template 
  4. Repeat the same from the start to create Compute Security Group templates with Private/Public rules.