Copy Partial Project isn't working



  • Copy Partial Project functionality doesn't work as expected (nothing is copied).


Kingston Patch 8


Original start date and Original end date field values are missing on Projects and associated Project tasks. 


As described the behavior seen is due to some null field values on PRJ0010000. From the following link, please have the user add the Original start date and Original end date columns to the list-view. Note how they are empty/null:


There are also child Project tasks which do not hold values in these columns either: 


Due to the null value(s) in those columns, an error is being thrown in the logs which says:
Default-thread-6 AC640917136523808E8F3FF18144B05A txid=50cd011713a5 SEVERE *** ERROR *** PlannedTaskAPI: Unable to Update the Realtion : null

As the affected Project (PRJ0010000) was created more than 30 days ago, it is not possible to determine the cause of this (the root cause would have been in the logs, which are expunged about every 21-28 days). 

To remedy this behavior and restore the functionality of "Copy Partial Project", please have the user update the Original start date and Original end date fields for both the Project and all associated Project tasks. It may be more prudent for the user to write a script to update these accordingly (depending on how many records are affected).