CAB Delegates are not able to Start the scheduled CAB Meeting from the CAB Workbench.



CAB Delegates do not have the access to "start meeting" button in the CAB Workbench.


Kingston, London


This is expected behavior and intentionally coded to avoid delegates and the CAB Manager having control issues within the meeting. 

CAB Delegate has to use action called "Host" to start meeting. 


Any defined CAB Delegate will have an action called "Host" within the attendee widget that allows them to take control and perform any of the same functions (start CAB meeting etc) as the defined CAB Manager would have been able to perform. Once a delegate takes control, they are considered the CAB Manager and will be the only one who has 'control' of the meeting. In other words, Once the CAB delegates clicks on Host, the CAB delegates will have the ability to start the meeting.