String type fields are not showing in Reference Interactive filter hierarchy



Interactive Filters allow you to filter report widgets directly from a homepage or Performance Analytics dashboard without modifying the reports.

  • You can create an interactive filter and add it to a homepage or Performance Analytics dashboard as a widget.
  • Selecting a value in the Interactive Filter widget filters the data in report widgets on the homepage or dashboard.
  • Interactive Filters are available for all instances. Creating a new Interactive Filter requires Performance Analytics premium.

  • From the above, Reference interactive filter allows you to filter data on the value of one or more reference fields.
  • You must select the referenced table, as well as reference fields from other tables.
  • The filter affects reports on tables that have the specified reference fields.
  • In this case, Customers can't see any String type fields in Interactive filter hierarchy.


  • Incident.AffectedUser.Site.Region(Incident is a table in which AffectedUser is reference type field that refers to Site Table which has string type field Region).
  • Here the field Region is not visible in interactive filter hierarchy on Incident table.

Refer below screenshot for sample reference.


All versions that support interactive filters.


  • In Reference Interactive filter the type of field should be reference then it will be shown in the hierarchy.
  • String type fields can not be used in reference type Interactive filters. 

In the above example,

  • The field "Region" is not visible in hierarchy because, region is string type.

Dictionary Info: u_site_data.u_region 

Max Length 

So,it can not hold the data so can not be used in interactive filters.
Please refer the document below for interactive filters.

Hence not possible to use "Region field" in the Interactive filters. 


In this type of cases,Users can create a custom interactive filter for string type fields using below process.
Please refer below links,

Instead you can also create a report as per your requirement and use it as an interactive filter.
Please find the below document

There is also an option to select multiple choices to filter the reports on dashboards. 

Additional Information

  • Only reports with a Type value of pie, donut, semi donut, funnel, or pyramid can be used to act as interactive filters.