Not all related items are appearing for some companies



Different records on the same table are showing different Related Lists. 




One potential cause of this behavior is that there are multiple Related List Layouts for that table in different domains.


To verify you are facing this issue,

  1. Navigate to System UI > Views
  2. Search for and select the view you are having an issue with 
  3. In the related list of that record, there should be a Related Lists list, search that for the table you are having the issue with.
  4. If there are multiple records for that table, personalize the columns and add the Domain column.
  5. If the records have different domains this is most likely the cause of your issue.

If you only want one related list view in all domains you can remove the duplicates and just keep either the global or Top level domain record.

If you do need multiple views, then you can go to the form view of the table and make sure you are in the correct domain before editing the related lists using Configure > Related Lists.


Additional Information

This same misconfiguration could also cause issues with different fields showing on different records in the same table.