How to add Default filter when "Edit" button is clicked from related lists to add/remove items



Following KB Article will explain you, how you can have default filter when you click on "Edit" Button in related lists 


  1. Navigate to any OOB Instance 
  2. Navigate to incident.list and open any Incident record. 
  3. Go to its related lists for ex. Child Incidents
  4. Right click on any column's breadcrumb icon. 
  5. Configure ->List Control
  6. List Control form will be opened. 
  7. Configure -> Form Layout. Add "Edit Default Filter" on Form. 
  8. Give your default filter condition for ex. Active - true. 
  9. update record. 
  10. Repeat step 2 and 3. Click on Edit button. 
  11. " Active - true " filter condition is already applied and collection list will be shown accordingly. 

Applicable Versions

All Release

Additional Information

KB0720455  - In the related list, the 'Edit' button does not appear for ITIL users