In the related list, the 'Edit' button does not appear for ITIL users



When viewing a related list as an 'ITIL' user, the 'Edit' UI Action does not appear. This appears when viewing it as an 'Admin' user.


All releases


There are several causes to this issue.

  1. There could be a pre-defined and configured List Control on that specific table stopping the 'Edit' button from appearing.
  2. The 'Edit' button could have its condition modified which stops it from appearing for 'ITIL' users
  3. The WRITE ACL could be modified that the table where it has conditions against it. When this happens, it will evaluate contextually and in the rare case it may see that the first record does not meet the condition and this, in turn, stops the UI Action from appearing as it only evaluates on the first record.



List Control:

  1. Navigate to the list in question e.g. problem.list
  2. Right click on a column header
  3. Click on Configure > List Control
  4. Ensure that there are no predefined roles specified in the 'Edit roles' option


Edit UI Action:

  1. Navigate to the System Definitions > UI Actions
  2. Search for "Edit..." under the Name column
  3. Find the UI Action that applies to your table

    Note: If you can't find it specified on your table, it could be on the [global] table.
  4. Ensure the conditions are configured correctly or revert back to an OOB version



  1. Navigate to System Security > Access Control (ACL)
  2. Filter on the following:
    1. 'Operation' as 'write'
    2. 'Type' as 'record'
    3. 'Name' as the table you're targeting
  3. Ensure that the OOB ACL does not have a condition on it.