Dynamic filters on Visual task Board is not applied


Dynamic filters on Visual task Board is not applied

Steps to Reproduce

1) Log into OOTB 'Jakarta Patch 8a' instance as System Administrator.
2) Go to /$vtb.do .
3) Click on Create New Visual Task Board > Data Driven Board.
4) Select Task Table: Incident | Lane Field: State.
5) Click Next.
6) Use the following filter:
'Active' 'is' 'true' AND
'Assignment group' 'is (dynamic)' 'One of my groups'
7) Click on Create.
8) Clck on Users > Add Members and add 'Beth Anglin' as member.
9) Click on the 'i' circle.
As you can see the Board Filter shows 'Active, Assignment Group is Team Development Code Reviewers'.
If you scroll at the bottom and click on 'View List' you will be able to see the same filter as above in the new page.
10) Copy the link under 'SHARE'.
11) Impersonate 'Beth Anglin'.
12) Open the link mentioned in step 10.
13) Click on the 'i' circle in the VTB:
ISSUE: The board filter didn't change. It should show the Assignment group related to the user that opens the VTB.
The dynamic filter is not applied on the VTB.
If you click at the bottom on 'View List' you can see the correct filter in the new page (with the right assignment group - different from Team Development Code Reviewers).


This is expected behavior and by design in all currently supported releases. dynamic filters are always evaluated in the context of the board owner. This is entirely by-design. If we applied dynamic filters per-user then the board would not be shareable, and each different user that looked at it would corrupt the board (by syncing an entirely different set of cards) for every other user.

If a board is required for a specific group than a specific board needs to be created for that group.


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