Fields are not getting translated to the correct language on the form view.



When the user opens any forms, some of the fields do not get translated to the selected language, and still show up in English.



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login as admin.
  2. Change the language to Brazilian Portuguese.
  3. Open the any form (incident, change, problem, demand form)
  4. Go through the sections, and check for any field which is still displayed in English
  5. All other fields are successfully translated to Brazilian Portuguese.


Enable the Enable I18N Debugging.

Check for the translation prefix on the field labels.

The prefix will tell us, which field is causing the translation to fail.

  • For the prefix TRF, navigate to System Localization > Translated Names / Fields.
  • For the prefix MSG, navigate to System Localization > Messages.
  • For the prefix GMLD, navigate to System Localization > Field Labels.
  • For the prefix TRT, navigate to System Localization > Translated Text.
  • For the prefix CHC, navigate to System Localization > Choices.

Navigate to Field Labels, and sort with the table and field name.

Check the languiage, and the translated text.

If the translation is not present, create a new translated text for the field label.

Alternatively, check the language and the translated text. 

For some translations, the language will be correct, however the translated text might not be in line with the customer's requirement.

This needs to be manually corrected.