When viewing list of KB articles, knowledge Status is blank



Knowledge status column (workflow_state) is blank when viewing a list of articles.


Kingston Patch 5


The column is being populated by the workflow stages based on the sys dictionary type


This behavior is expected OOB however, there is a way to change what 'Type' the column is which can change how the status field is displayed. Modify the sys_dictionary Type field from workflow to choice and the column will display as whatever state the record displays.

Additional Information


1. Navigate to the kb_knowledge list view.
2. Right click on any of the column headers then click Configure > Dictionary.
3. Find the 'Status (Search for status in the 'Column label' column)' record and open it.
4. Change the type from 'Workflow' to 'Choice' then click save
5. Navigate back to the kb_knowledge list view and observe that the Status column has the status value populated.