Error Message "Cannot generate the report. No matching records" appears on a single score report



Viewing a single score report, either individually or as part of a Dashboard or Homepage, the report may show this error:


Cannot generate the report.  No matching records 

Cannot generate report error

This message can be confusing to the end user, particularly as to it's cause.   And so, with modification of a setting for the associated report, the repot can display information that might be more meaningful for it's viewers.


The cause of this issue is usually that the Display Zero option for that particular report is not selected and the current count value for the report is 0.

Display zero option unselected

Note that this error message will not appear and the proper count will display if the returned value for this report is greater than 0.  Thus, the issue may go unnoticed until such time as the report would normally return a value of 0.


This issue can easily be resolved by updating a specific setting on the report which is responsible for displaying that data on the dashboard.

The first step is to open the report record itself for editing.  This can be accomplished from the dashboard itself, by selecting the Configuration icon at the far right of the dashboard display, hovering the mouse over the dashboard showing the message and selecting the edit icon associated with that dashboard when it appears.

Once the report is open, click the Style tab in the report creator.  Click the Display Zero checkbox to ensure it shows as checked (true).  Click the Save button to save the change to the report.

Setting the Display Zero option

Once selected, reloading the dashboard or report should then display the current count (which, in the case of encountering this particular issue will be 0 unless the count has increased since the report was previously viewed).

Properly showing zero count