Support for vRealize 7.x, 8.x for event integration.



Support for vRealize 7.x or 8.x for event integration

Support for vRealize 7.x or 8.x version

Does service-now support vRealize 7.x OR 8.x for event integration?

According to our documentation, we officially support version 6.4. As we have tested all our functionality against this version.

Versions above 7.x or 8.x may work but we cannot guarantee the behavior as we have not tested these releases.

Q. Is HI support is going to stand by the Orlando version of ServiceNow will only support an enterprise monitoring product (vRealize Operations Manager 6.5) that went out of support by its own vendor almost 3 years ago.

Answer. That is correct. Requests for features or versions support not according to our documentation, the proper channel would be the Idea portal There is a process involved. Development team needs to review, decide if and how best to implement/create such feature or compatibility. This is usually not done directly via a case.

Q. Confirmation for the support for existing connector which is working with 8.0.x

Answer. 8.0.x should not be supported according to documentation

Q. What is the roadmap from ServiceNow to support the latest versions beyond 6.5.x?

Answer. Current plan is to support the latest version around march 2021. This might change.

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