Cannot access Change fields from Change task table.



Change request fields are not showing up in data picker. Some of the change form related fields are not showing up.
Fields like start_date, end_date are not present.



Please note the 'Parent' field is a reference to 'task' table, not 'change_request'. The columns mentioned Planned start date (start_date)/Planned end date (end date) are columns on the change_request table. This can be seen at the following link. Please expand the change_request table on the schema: 

<Instance name>,table%3Dtask,show_internal%3Dtrue,show_referenced%3Dtrue,show_referenced_by%3Dtrue,show_extended%3Dtrue,show_extended_by%3Dtrue,table_expansion%3D,spacing_x%3D60,spacing_y%3D90,nocontext 

From this we can see these columns do not exist on the task table, but rather the child table change_request. In this case, from change_task you will need to dot walk through the 'Change request' field which references change_request table.