CAB Workbench portal page doesn't render the right set of change request fields.



CAB Workbench service portal page ("cab_workbench" page ID) doesn't render the right set of change request fields defined in form layout.


Jakarta, Kingston and London.


Service Portal.


If the fields are configured via Form Layout, on any other form view but "cab_workbench" then the portal page won't render the desired set of fields.


  • Open the change request form on UI16 platform and switch the form view to "cab_workbench".
  • Configure the form layout with your desired set of fields in this view.

The "cab_workbench" portal page honors the fields configured in this view.

Additional Information

If you have customized CAB workbench widget, please do refer the below documentation (as applicable):

CAB Workbench does not render correct change request form details: