ApplicationPool default filter set to "All" causes performance issues on loading catalog items with drop-down variables


When there are more than 1000 records in the [cmdb_ci_appl] table, the Blueprint catalog item loading is very slow. Disabling the CI Application field improves performance, because the blueprint has the Application variable with default ApplicationPool reference.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Fill the cmdb_ci_appl table with sufficient data (> 100kb)
2. Create a basic Blueprint Catalog Item with an Application variable/field.
3. Publish the item.
Note the blueprint catalog item loading takes 5-10 minutes because of the drop down menu rendering.


This problem only affects instances pre-Jakarta Patch 7.

The workaround consists in creating a custom pool filter that restricts the list of possible Applications to ideally less than 100.

Ref. example:

The alternative workaround would be to make the affected catalog item variable 'Reference' to 'cmdb_ci_appl'.


Related Problem: PRB1318089