Policy field on Policy Statements is empty after upgrade


In Policy and Compliance Management, after upgrade, the Policy field on the Policy Statement has been cleared.


This is the Out-Of-Box expected behavior.

the relationship between Policies and Policy Statements is made through a many-to-many table "Policy to Policy Statement" (sn_compliance_m2m_policy_policy_statement). As part of the upgrade to Kingston, the document field on the policy statements is cleared and a new relationship between the policy statement and the policy previously referred on the document field is created on the new table. 


This is the Out-Of-Box expected behavior.

If there are customized reports or database views, it is required to adjust the way they are built to consider the new data model.

As an example, for a database view using the table "sn_compliance_policy_statement" to join with "sn_compliance_policy", by matching the statement document with the policy's sys_id field:

Database View before:
Database View (Before)

Database View after:Database View After

For other scenarios, consider using the document and/or the content fields on sn_compliance_m2m_policy_policy_statement to get the desired data displayed.