Content Management System (CMS): Tooltip not defined error on browser's console


Tooltip not defined error on browser's console when accessing any page on service now platform's content management system.

js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Mon_Nov_05_01_08_00_PST_2018&c=27_345:22466 Uncaught TypeError: pageTimingExpand.tooltip is not a function 
at _pageTimingShow (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Mon_Nov_05_01_08_00_PST_2018&c=27_345:22466) 
at fireEvent (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Mon_Nov_05_01_08_00_PST_2018&c=27_345:1192) 
at (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Mon_Nov_05_01_08_00_PST_2018&c=27_345:1164) 
at firePageTimer ( 
at setTimeGraph (

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Tooltip is a function loaded via the heisenberg_all.js on jQuery. If this js script file(heisenberg_all.js) is not loaded on the CMS, you will see the above-mentioned error in browser console.
One possible cause of this issue is glide.ui.heisenberg.exclude property's value is set to "view_content".


Remove/delete the property glide.ui.heisenberg.exclude