What does CMPv1 and CMPv2 mean?



The Confusion

Although not official terms, you may find CMPv1 and CMPv2 accidentally used in relation to ServiceNow ITOM Cloud Management features. Neither really exist or correspond directly to any particular plugin or plugin version, which causes confusion.


Jakarta and later, when we introduced the new unified "Cloud Management" Application feature (aka CMPv2), to replace "everything that came before" (aka CMPv1).

Additional Information

Here is a list of the actual Plugin names, versions and IDs that equate to what is generally meant by these terms. 

 Plugin NamePlugin VersionPlugin ID
CMPv1 Amazon Web Services1.0.0com.snc.aws
Microsoft Azure1.0, 2.0com.sn_azure
Orchestration - VMware Support1.0.0com.snc.runbook_automation.vmware
CMPv2Cloud Management1.0.0com.snc.cloud.mgmt