Why do i see sys_id in my cart bundles instead of name ?



Sometimes in the cart bundle customer report that they see sys_id instead of the name of the bundle itself. The reason is the name of the bundle was not present in the first place.


1. There is a new record getting inserted into sc_cart table for the user and so this is getting added as a  bundle with that name. Because the name is sys_id, in service portal it shows as SysID.On modifying the cart name that gets reflected in service portal bundle also gets changed. 
2. The record gets created in sc_cart table when 'glide.sc.enable_order_now' system property is set to true. 

        3. Set this property to false in order to make sure that no sys_id is not seen in the bundle on the portal

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Additional Information

For more information on the SC save bundles widget go to the below documentation.

SC Save Bundles widget