Catalog Item User Criteria is cascading in Order Guide



User criteria applied at the catalog item level are impacting visibility at the order guide level. So if you are blocking any item through item level user criteria, that will impact ordering the item from the order guide too.




This is a expected behavior; if you, as a user, don't have access to an item, you will not be able to order that item. An Order Guide is just a bundle of items, so the behavior remains the same in both cases. 


How to make a catalog item available only in order guide

If there is a requirement to make a catalog item visible only in the order guide and it should not be available for direct submission then instead of user criteria try the following:

  • Make "Visible on Guide" true and make "Visible Elsewhere" and "Visible on Bundles" false.
  • As a result catalog item will be only available through the order guide.