[Cloud Management ] Enable discovering AWS Auto Scaling Groups through native cloud discovery



When running cloud discovery against one of our AWS accounts and you are not getting the AWS Auto Scaling Groups back.

We can see the following messages in the Cloud Orchestration Trail: 
Skipping Step: Auto Scaling Interface.ListScalingGroups because it is not enabled



Procedure to enable CAPI steps for Discovering AWS Auto Scaling Groups

  1. Navigate to Cloud admin portal -> Resource blocks
    2. Select AWS datacenter
    3. Unpublish the AWS datacenter to make changes
    4. Goto Operations > Steps tabs 
    5. Choose Interface: Discovery Interface & Operations: Discover 
    6. Goto the steps Auto Scaling Interface.ListTopics, Auto Scaling Interface.ListLaunchConfigurations,Auto Scaling Interface.ListScalingGroups
    7. You will have an option to enable step
    8. Click on Enable
    9. Publish AWS datacenter