Service Portal displays a different page than requested due to page routing



Typically when administrators develop Service Portal pages they'll use Page Designer to find their page and manipulate the widgets to get their desired behavior. Administrators may find that pages do not display the correct widgets or in the correct layout. If so it is possible that page routing is configured to render a different Service Portal page.


Page Routing was released in Kingston.


Service Portal page route maps allow administrators to define alternative pages that should be rendered when a page ID is requested. This provides a way to change the page rendered by widgets with hard coded page IDs.


In order to identify if this behavior is caused by page rerouting you can check in the following places:

  • The page route map table (sp_page_route_map) will have an entry with the page ID being accessed under the "Route from" column. The actual page being rendered is referred to under "Route to."
  • From the widget context menu (CTRL + Right Click) an administrator can click either "Instance in Page Editor" or "Page Designer" which will reveal the actual page being rendered.

Additional Information

Docs: Redirect a reference to a page ID