Hide/Disable 'Save Producer' button on all record producer type catalog items.



The button 'Save Producer' appears on all record producer type catalog items (in platform UI, CMS sites and Service Portal) if we enable 'Wishlist' for record producers. This button seems to cause unnecessary confusion for end users while they submit record producers like Ask a question, Raise an issue [or] Create an Incident.




Enabling 'Wishlist' for record producers will automatically show up the button 'Save Producer' and this configuration has been set within a UI Macro that is not present in instance codebase. However, there is a system property that has to be set to hide this button.


1) Navigate to sys_properties.list and open the system property 'glide.sc.producer.allow_wish_list' [OR] directly navigate to the below URL. 
2) Set the Value for this property as false and save the form. 



NOTE: Setting this property to 'false' will disable the button Save Producer globally on all record producer type cat items.