Accessibility - Unable to use the SHIFT key within the slushbucket to select multiple records


When within a slushbucket with Accessibility mode enabled, attempting to select multiple records using the SHIFT key does not result in multiple records being selected, but rather the ones you are individually clicking. There is no ability to select multiple records by dragging the mouse down the list either.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Click on the System Settings cogwheel at the top right corner.
  2. Under the 'General' tab, turn on the 'Accessibility enabled'.
  3. Navigate to an incident record.
  4. Configure the 'Child' related list onto the form.
  5. In the 'Child' related list tab, click on 'Edit'.
  6. Attempt to select multiple records while holding down the SHIFT key, and clicking on two different records where there are records in between.

    Observe the following:
    - Multiple records are not selected when using the SHIFT key.
    - Even attempting to drag multiple records with the mouse does not work.


This is expected behaviour, as documented in the London slushbucket documentation:
"To accessibly select multiple items, tab to each item and press the spacebar to select each item. Use the arrow key or tab to the Add button to move items from one list to another."

Related Problem: PRB1315438