Business Rules are not triggered on creating/updating CIs


In some scenarios, business rules are not triggered when an update to last_discovered field is made on the CI record.

If the condition on the business rule is based on last_discovered (Most recent discovery) field, then the BR will not run for example, if the update is made by discovery (MID server user). 

This is because, the update is not captured by the identification engine(IRE, Identification API). Since it is not, the update will not trigger the business rule even though the conditions match. 

For example, if business rules are configured for 'last_discovered' field on the CI class and 'glide.identification_engine.batch_update_last_discovered' is not set to 'false' --> batch update --> No BRs triggered


  1. There are two ways to update the last_discovered field on the CI. 
    1. Batch
    2. Singular
  2. This behavior is controlled by 'glide.identification_engine.batch_update_last_discovered' (default to true if not exist); 
    3. If true, in some cases, the updates go through database api and not through GlideRecord (and Identification API). When the updates don't go through GlideRecord (IRE), business rules aren't triggered. If the property is set to false, update goes through GlideRecord (and IRE) which trigger BRs. 


Add "glide.identification_engine.batch_update_last_discovered" sys_property and set to 'false' if all the updates need to go through GlideRecord.

Additional Information