While loading dashboard, all the widgets flicker and show a spinner but none of them load resulting in blank page



While loading a dashboard, all the widgets show spinner or show "Loading" icon but they never load



There is an error in browser console with following error stack trace:

js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:39207 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined 
at Object.success (js_includes_dashboards_2.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:39207) 
at i (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24018) 
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24018) 
at z (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24020) 
at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:24020) 
2js_includes_concourse.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317&lp=Fri_Aug_10_21_02_18_PDT_2018&c=31_354:5602 amb.MessageClient [INFO] >>> connection exists, request satisfied 


The issue is due to an invalid sys_user_preference value for "com.snc.pa.ui.preferences_dashboards"

To resolve the issue for affected user perform steps below:

1. As an admin user go to  sys_user_preference_list.do

2. Filter for name = com.snc.pa.ui.preferences_dashboards and User = affected user's name

3. select the record and delete.

4. User should Log out and log in again after deleting the preferences.


Clearing the user preference for com.snc.pa.ui.preferences_dashboards, the user will lose some saved preferences as recently visited, last visited dashboard or any customizations the user has saved for dashboards.