Macro variable types are not displaying the Instructions annotation on Service Portal


Build information:
Build name: London
Build date: 07-14-2018_1223
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch0-07-11-2018

Issue Description:
In London, the Macro variable type does not display the content written in the Instruction field on the Service Portal. This displays fine on the Service Catalog and worked prior to London.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a Macro type variable on any catalog item
2. Configure it so that 'Show help' and 'Always Expanded' is checked
3. Add text into the 'Instructions' field and save the record
4. Open the catalog item in the Service Portal

Expected behavior
- The text entered into the 'Instructions' field is displayed for the Macro variable type

Actual behavior
- Nothing is displayed for the Macro variable type


One workaround is to use the Macro with label variable type, but have the question field actually empty.

This can be done either by turning off the mandatory on that field or by saving the record with a value, then changing the value to empty space and saving again. 

Related Problem: PRB1310937