Unable to Embed ServiceNow Platform in External Site



Customers may desire to make use of the ServiceNow platform outside of their instance. This article will review the only supported method of

Integrating ServiceNow with your intranet

If you are interested in integrating ServiceNow with your intranet you should be aware that the ServiceNow login portlet is the only content supported within an iframe HTML element. Any other method of attempting to include the ServiceNow platform outside of your instance is not supported.

There are several ways you can add a ServiceNow login link to your intranet.

You can add a login link by:

  • Enabling the PortletLogin Script include to be Client Callable.
  • Creating a simple HTML link to your instance that takes your users directly to the ServiceNow login page.
  • Adding an iframe link to the ServiceNow login portlet in one of your HTML pages to permit direct login.

Additional Information

For more on this topic see our documentation here.