How to Disable tags



Tags are text labels that you can associate with items like records and pages to group and organize them. Some customers may wish to disable the use of tags. In order to achieve this it is necessary to disable the context menu for adding tags via mass edit, and disable the tag bar at the top of each form. Please note that removing context menu actions is done on a per-table basis while removing the tag bar is done for all tables via a system property.


1) Navigate to the sys_dictionary record for your table. Note that the "Type" value should be "Collection."


2) Switch to "Advanced" view.

3) Append the following string to the attribute of the collection: ",no_labels=true"

4) Create a new sys_properties record with the following values:

Name: glide.ui.show_form_tags_bar
Type: true | false
Value: false

Applicable Versions

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