How to view contents loaded by a plugin activation



Plugins are software components that provide specific features and functionalities within a ServiceNow instance. This knowledge base article will explain how to view the list of records and changes performed by the plugin activation. 

What occurs during a plugin activation

During a plugin activation a table schema change (new tables, new columns, etc.) may be performed performed followed by the loading of new and/or updated configurations such as scripts, forms, ACLs, etc. Since some plugins depend on other plugins, in many cases, additional plugins will be activated. More information on how plugins are activated and dependent plugins can be found here.

ServiceNow plugins

Test Case

In this example, we'll show how to view what was loaded by the following plugin:

Agent Workspace [com.agent_workspace]



Links to plugin contents and configurations:

These are all the additional plugins (aka. dependent plugins) which were also activated:

These are all the records loaded by the plugin Agent Workspace [com.agent_workspace]:

These are all the records loaded by all plugins activated when Agent Workspace [com.agent_workspace] was activated: 

If you know the date of the plugin activation and the name of the plugin, you can view the same information using the Application Files [sys_metadata] table. Use the 'Updated' column to narrow your search, then do a 'Group by' on the column 'Package':

To view the tables that were added, you can use the Tables [sys_db_object] table. You can also use the 'Updated' column then perform a 'Group by' on the column 'Package':