"Questions" still appear in slushbucket under "Approval for" when reporting on sysapproval_approvers. Variables disappear from list of columns when selected.


"Questions[+]" still appear in the slushbucket under "Approval for" when reporting on sysapproval_approvers. These should not be visible/selectable in the list of available fields, as should have been removed as a consequence of the fix for PRB719960/KB0696173 as they are not currently supported by the platform/reporting list, but they are still appearing for this table/dot-walked field.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Create new list report based on the Approval [sysapproval_approver] table.
2) Click "Choose Columns", and expand "Approval for [+]" in the list of available columns.
3) Scroll down to "Questions[+]" and expand it.
4) Choose the iPhone 6s Catalog Item.
5) Under Variables > iPhone6s, choose the options below, and move them to the "Selected" columns:
What colour would you like?
How many gigs of storage?
6) Click Ok
7) Save/Run the report.
Notice the added columns are not in the report output and disappear from the selected columns list entirely.


The problem has been partially mitigated by PRB719960/KB0696173. The remaining issues have been identified as a future product enhancement, requiring a redesigned self-contained slushbucket UI component. We do not make these decisions lightly, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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