Widget cancelled - Maximum execution time exceeded message appearing on Homepage


The message "Widget canceled- maximum execution time exceeded" may appear within a Widget on a user's Homepage and the actual Widget data does not render.  This can appear on a new Widget or a Widget that has previously displayed data as expected.

Widget cancelled error message


This message appears when the processing and rendering of the data comprising the widget exceeds the quota time allocated for a widget to load.  Any widgets that exceed this time will cease loading, displaying the indicated error message.  This is generally to ensure that loading of the Widget does not cause performance issues with the instance or other widgets and reports on the same page.

Thus, Widget loading, as well as many other transactional processes within ServiceNow have a configurable setting for this quota.  The out-of-box default for a new ServiceNow instance is 30 seconds.


To modify the allowable quota controlling the load time of Widget on the Homepage, follow these steps:

  1. Log onto the instance with an account having admin rights to the instance.
  2. In the Menu Navigator of the instance, browse to the location: System Definition -> Transaction Quota Rules.
  3. In the list of records that appear in the right pane, click the record with the name Homepage Widgets.
  4. Adjust the Maximum Duration (seconds) field to a new value (i.e. 50). The default setting is 30. The number shown is the number of seconds the instance will attempt to load and render the Widget before failing and generating the indicated error.
  5. Click the Update button.

Updating the Homepage Widgets Display Quota









Additional Information

Care should be taken when adjusting this quota rule, as too large of a value in the Maximum Duration field may cause the Homepage to take an extended time to load and cause responsiveness of the page to be very sluggish, while too low of a value can cause many of the Widgets on the Homepage to fail to display, generating the indicated error message.