How to enable a reference field to perform "contains" search on columns for autocomplete



A reference field can be configured to add columns to the autocomplete search so more information can be presented to the users. This article details the steps on how to configure such field to do a 'contains' search for all the columns that are used.



1. Ensure that the system property "glide.ui.ref_ac.startswith" is set to false.


2. Confirm that the reference field has similar dictionary attributes as the following:

ref_ac_columns_search=true, ref_ac_order_by=column_name, ref_ac_columns=column_name1, column_name2, ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter


3. Create the following user preference:

Name: table_name_being_referenced.autocomplete.contains (i.e. sys_user.autocomplete.contains)

System: checked

User: leave this blank

Type: true | false

Value: true


4. After the user preference has been created log out and back into the instance for it to take effect


Applicable Versions

All versions


Additional Information

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