Discovery via pattern fails with "Identification CI errors: Abandoned due to too many errors"


The Discovery process may fail with an error on the pattern logs where you can see: 

"Identification CI Errors: Abandoned due to too many errors".


This is most likely caused by duplicates on the relationship type table [cmdb_rel_type].


1 - Enable the Debug for the CI Identification parameter on the Discovery properties ( glide.discovery.debug.ci_identification ).

2 - Quick discovery the affected device.

3 - Check the logs on the, the CI Identification ones would be like: 

identification_engine : DUPLICATE_RELATIONSHIP_TYPES Duplicate relationship type records exists with name [Master of::Stack Member of] 

4 - Figure out which relationship type has got duplicates. Go to and filter by name, there should be only one record for the same type.

5 - Check on the if there is any relationship using that particular type, in which case a deletion would break the link.

6 - Delete the record that is not being used.