Custom resource pool filter does not work for CloudAccount field



Custom resource pool filter does not work for CloudAccount field



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Steps to Reproduce

1> Change Application Scope to Cloud Management Platform

2> Open resource pool: CloudAccountPool, create a resource pool filter (named "getbytest" as an example)

3> Change Application Scope back to Global

4> Open the Blueprint Form Parameter "CloudAccount", change Datasource Value from:




5> In Cloud User Portal, launch the stack, and the resource pool filter does not take effect



A Form Load Rule is required if custom resource pool filter is used for Cloud Account:

1> Open the Blueprint, make sure it's checked out, then click on Catalog tab > open the catalog > Form Tab > click on Form Load Rules.

2> Click on "New" button next to "Rules", then fill in below fields, and save.

Name: yourchoice

Order: 1000

Event: FormLoad

3> On the Rule form, at the bottom, click on "Actions" tab, then "New" button, and fill in below fields, then save.

Name: yourchoice

Action Type: Reload

DataSource: Reload From Pool

Target Field: CloudAccount




Make sure there is no "Reload Cloud Account" Form Load Rule that has larger Order, which will reset the filtered result.

Also the "