How to setup Guided Tours for a Specific Catalog Item on the Portal



This article describes the steps you need to take to create a guided tour for a specific catalog item.

Please keep in mind this functionality is available from New York Patch 5


It is possible to create Guided Tours for Specific Catalog Item but you have to go back and modify the Guided Tour record outside of the Designer Wizard to get it to point to the right place. You can do this by creating your guided tour and then opening your guided tour record from 'Embedded Help -> Guided Tours' in your left nav. From there, you can use the 'Additional URL parameters' field to add the rest of your URL link pointing to your catalog item.

Say if you want to create a guided tour for the out of the box catalog item, Report Outage, in the Service Portal you can follow the below steps.

1. Go to Embedded Help >> Guided Tour Desinger >> Guided Tours
2. Create a new Guided Tour with the following details
Name: Report Outage Guided Tour
Type: Service Portal
SP Portal: Service Portal (or the Name of the Service Portal in your instance)
SP Page: sc_cat_item(The widget you load the Catalog item with)
Additional URL Parameters: sys_id=38c1fc840a0a0b2700285921c2bf5fc8(Give the sys_id of the specific catalog item)
Roles: Roles for who you are creating the Guided Tour for
3. Hit Save
4. Click on Edit with Designer, create the guided tour steps as usual and publish it. With this step, you will complete creating the Guided Tour. If you want to edit auto launch set up, see step 5.
5. Go to Configure Auto Launch under Guded Tour Designer in the left navigator. Select the guided tour you just created. Set the Auto Launch to true.

A screenshot of the the Guided Tour configuration is attached here for reference.

Applicable Versions

New York Patch 5

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