Service Catalog and Workflow - Requested Item workflow starts unexpectedly


Requested Item workflow starts unexpectedly. By default, the Requested Item workflow should start when the parent Request is approved, but it starts early some times.

Release or Environment

All releases


Customization on Service Catalog business rules:

"Cascade Request Approval to Request Item" - sc_request table

"Start Workflow" - sc_req_item table


  1. Login to ServiceNow instance as admin
  2. Go to System Definition > Business Rules
  3. Search for the "Cascade Request Approval to Request Item" business rule on sc_request table
  4. Open the business rule and check the Versions related list. Within the version list, find the lasted version which has Source = "System Upgrades: glide..."
  5. Right-click on the entry, and Revert to this version
  6. Repeat step 2 to step 5 for "Start Workflow" business rule on sc_req_item table as well.

And if there is any customized business rule overriding the above two business rules, the customized business rule should be disabled first.

Additional Information

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