Unable to add a group to read a KB



Unable to add a group to read a KB


We were able to add the "IT Request" group to the 'can read' access tab for the Technology Administration knowledge base. 

According to our documentation: 

"Select user criteria for a knowledge base 
You can specify user criteria to control which users can create, read, write, and retire knowledge articles within a knowledge base. 

Before you begin 
Role required: knowledge_manager, knowledge_admin, or admin 

About this task 
User criteria refers to knowledge base records that determine the users who can read or contribute to a knowledge base.

User criteria definitions: 

users who can read all knowledge base articles 
users who cannot read, create, or modify articles in the knowledge base 
users who can read, create, and modify articles in the knowledge base 
users who cannot create or modify articles in the knowledge base" 


The groups or roles that can read the knowledge base, are controlled by the user criteria table (user_criteria). 

How do we add the groups to the knowledge base? 

-The groups would be have to be added to the user_criteria table first. 

-Go to the user criteria table: user_criteria.list

-Select new, then the 'new record' form loads, and here we can give this group a name within the user criteria and on the Groups 'lock' icon, you can click and select the group you would like to add (in this case IT Request). 

-After the group has been added to the user criteria table, then you would be able to access the Knowledge base, click on Edit for the can read tab and look for and find the IT request group.

Applicable Versions

Kingston patch 7

Istanbul Patch 10