CMDB Dashboard shows SysID if there is no data.


SysID is displayed on the dashboard instead of N/A.

Release or Environment

All versions.


The translation for N/A is wrongly updated with the sysID. 


  1. In Filter Navigator, enter, sys_ui_message.list
  2. It will open message translations.
  3. Under Key, enter N/A
  4. The second column should display sysid under message column.
  5. Replace it will N/A and save the changes.
  6. Navigate back to cmdb view dashboard and check if the problem got resolved.

Additional Information

Useful KB Article:

How to edit or translate the standard chat responses added when someone joins or leaves the conversation

This Known Error Article may be worth to refer:

sys_ui_message record for the key "Known Errors" should be "Known Error"