How to capture outage information in Business Services



"Business Services" (previously known as "Service Portfolio Management") can be used to capture information about the unavailability of any service that we configure.

Business Services and the "Global outages" table

All the Outages for the configured services and Configuration Items will directly populate the Outage information in the "cmdb_ci_outage" table (see Create outages), which holds the following data:

  1. On which "Configuration Item" the Outage occurred
  2. "Type" of the Outage (Planned/Unplanned)
  3. Outage "Begin" time
  4. Outage "End" Time
  5. Outage "Duration"

Using outage outputs, it is easy to understand the duration of an application or service outage.

We have option to filter the “cmdb_ci_outage” table to pull the required information for specific CI's, timelines, or Services.

Outages can only capture the data. It cannot provide consolidated data of specific services. To achieve consolidated data and better outputs "Business Services" are introduced.

Service Portfolio Management

Using Service Portfolio Management we can obtain consolidated Outage information of outages that happened on services.

Business Services can be configured for multiple services and the calculations will take place according to Service Commitment.

The Outages on the Services can be consolidated as per the requirement, as the calculation also can be visible in graph mode, and we capture for Days/Weeks/Months.

The Business Services can be configured at Service offering, hence every Service would be having its own Outages captured and consolidated as per the requirement.

Each Business Service can be configured with different levels of Service Commitments as per business requirement

Each Business Service is also consolidated by Service commitment Availability and Commitment Downtime, hence, it would be easy to pull the data per service with more effective information.

Note : The Service Portfolio application name has been changed to Business Services starting from Kingston.

Additional Information

  •  Business Services  (


  • Service Offerings (


  • Business rules for Outages 


  • UI Actions for Outages 


  • Commitment Calculation (

The calculation of the outage is depending on the Service Commitment "Define Service Commitments" (We can create one Service commitment at  as per the requirement)


  • UI macro for Outage Calculation (

The calculation of the % is calculated by a macro, and we change the macro as per business requirement