List editing in bulk may save the records instantly without confirming clicking on the green tick Save


List editing in bulk saves the records before clicking on the green Save button. Clicking elsewhere in the form instead of confirming results in the same operation depending on the List Control settings.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to any list such as cmdb_ci.list .
  2. Add any available column to the list that can be edited without consequences.
  3. Press the Shift key and select at least 4-5 records.
  4. Double click on the first record and change the value in the added column.
  5. Click anywhere on the screen but not the green checkmark save button. Notice the selected records get saved with the column edited value without further confirmation. The behaviour is same whether you select List edit type to "Save Immediately" or "Save Data by rows" in the List Control properties.


This is expected behaviour. Ref.:

In "Save immediately mode", when editing a single column value, the entire row gets updated immediately.

In "Save data by rows", you can edit the values of multiple columns of the same row before saving the record. Editing one column you can see the Save button for the row.

In both modes it is possible to select the same column of multiple rows to edit cells in one go, pressing the Shift key and selecting the wanted rows. These two modes are about single column edit save or multiple column edit save of a single record.


Related Problem: PRB1304535