Gauge does not show in the list of options to add to homepage. Gauges are no longer supported.



The purpose of this article to inform that Gauges are no longer supported  since Fuji release.

The gauges are still found in the instances and it is possible to use them in a few ways, but there is no guarantee they will work. Also, if they do not work we may not provide support for it.



As a consequence of the depreciation of gauges, they cannot be added to the homepage by using the 'Add content' button found in the homepages:

  1. Navigate to Self-service > Homepage.
  2. Click the button 'Add content'.
  3. Select Gauges > Task.
  4. Note that the gauge 'My Groups Work' does not show in the list of option to add to the homepage.




Instead of using gauges on the homepage, use reports.

Additional Information

Check out this article if you have issues with existing gauges: Gauge widgets for the platform homepage are now showing the breadcrumb filters with the Kingston release