Download and Install Kubernetes Pattern



Download and Install Kubernetes Pattern

Applicable Versions

Jakarta and newer


Downloading the Kubernetes Pattern

  1. Login to the ServiceNow App Store using your HI credentials.
  2. Find "Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns" using the search capabilities

  3. Click on"Request Install"

  4. Provide the Instance name where you want to install the pattern and click on "Validate Instance"
  5. Once validated, fill the "Reason for Request"
  6. Click on "Request"
  7. Wait for the  screen to pop "Your Request is auto Approved"

  8. Verify Request history, it will populate the instances where the pattern is installed, the new instance name also should be available.

Installing the Kubernetes Pattern 

  1. In your instance, navigate to System Applications > Applications
  2. Select Downloads from the top menu
  3. "Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns" should be available for "Install"
  4. Click "Install

Verifying Kubernetes Pattern
  1. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns
    • OR
    • Search in "Name" field for "Kubernetes"
  2. Now we see the pattern installed successfully with all available parameters. 

Additional Information