System Generated Fields have no Application Scope (sys_scope) value assigned and are not editable


On a stand alone table created within a scoped application, after adding sys_created_on or other system generated fields, these can not be made read-only via dictionary settings or UI Policies. Also, system generated fields have a blank sys_scope value.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Log in any instance as administrator.

2. Navigate to System Applications > Studio > New > Create Application > Create Custom Application > Create.

3. Enter the Name and Scope and click the "Create" button.

4. Go back to the application list and open the newly created application.

5. Click on Create Application File > Data Model > Create.

6. Fill-in the mandatory fields and click on "Submit".

After the table gets created, check the empty Application [sys_scope] in the system generated fields. These are empty, not editable, and can not be configured via UI Policies or other scripts.


This is expected behaviour, the system generated fields are by design without the "Application" (sys_scope) value assigned to them, and will not be editable in any scope.

Related Problem: PRB1007487