Switches have affinity created with unix credentials even when Unix Classify fails



Switches have Credential affinity created with Unix credentials even when Unix-Classify fails. 


All releases



Most of the Networking devices have SSH port 22 open.

  • When discovery detects port 22 as open,  it will trigger unix-Classify.
  • If there are any SSH credentials that can log into the device but cannot run any commands, we create the Credential affinity with the SSH credentials.
  • Once we are able to log into the device, we send a rest call to the instance to create the discovery affinity and we run echo$0 to get the shell. 
  • Unix-Classify will eventually fail as the credential cannot run any commands on the device and we proceed to SNMP if port 161 is open.


  1. Use SNMP behavior for the network devices so that we do not scan for port 22.